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Business Processes and Quality

At Ahmali we leave nothing to chance. Therefore the management of business processes is more than just driven by the need to obtain a quality certificate. We aim for a continuous improvement of our processes in order to be able to achieve goals that ultimately benefit our stakeholders:

Our Customers:

"Will benefit from the right quality they require at the right price. They will find a partner in Ahmali who is never tiring to help them shape their supply chain".

Our Employees:

"Will benefit from a tool-set to decrease repetitive tasks and learn how to constantly improve the way they work and their skill-set".

Our Shareholders:

"Will benefit from sustainable and superior returns".

Our Society:

"Will benefit by Ahmali increasing the benchmark in the logistics industry. Business processes & quality as a function is embedded at the top of the organization reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer. Each and every manager in the company is measured on his contribution to the qualitative and quantitative targets. A significant amount of our training is allocated to this particular area".


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