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Domestic Parcel Delivery

Our prompt and highly efficient domestic parcel delivery services ensure your customers receive what they want just at the right time allowing you to improve overall service quality and satisfaction. Each package is thoroughly assessed and evaluated using handheld scanners by our trained staff, enable secure and traceable shipping. Priority Express - This involves time definite delivery of documents and parcels that weigh less than 30 kg within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to businesses and individual shippers.Home Delivery - Our express home delivery enables you to save your precious moments and choose the delivery time and pickup location that meets your needs. You will receive your shipments at your doorstep without any additional fee. Apart from these, Ahmali Logistics also offers door-to-door pick-up and delivery as well as next-day delivery services in major cities of the kingdom. As a leading logistics partner in the Kingdom, Ahmali has developed an effective suite of services that can be relied on separately or in combination according to your business needs. Our team understands your distinct requirements to provide you with a custom business solution that complies with your budget and objectives. Regardless of the mode of your shipment, we ensure all the regulatory compliance and documentation requirements are met for quick and hassle-free clearance. This does not only help us getting your shipments in no time but also reduces your costs to improve return on investment. Our core strength stems from our ability to stay updated with regional regulations, procedures, and best practices along with developing versatile clearance procedures that cut down clearing time and expenditure to enhance your shipment's visibility. This way your shipment travels through the system in a reliable and timely manner reaching to you the way you want.


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